From the Greek preposition and prefix meaning ‘after,’ META has evolved to signify ‘beyond,’ as in ‘metaphysics.’ It also connotes a reflexive relationship: ‘metadata’ is data about data. Originally from West African native tribes, a JUJU is an object of any kind used as a charm, amulet, or means of protection, also the supernatural or magical power attributed to such objects, or the system of observance of such subtle energies contained by and emanating among bodies and objects.

META•JUJU is here to bring you sacred objects with inherent energy that comes from the earthly creation of materials combined with positive vibration. We source the most ecologically and socially responsible materials possible, and infuse our benevolent intentions into everything we do. Here on metajuju.com, we provide deeper information about the subtle energies affecting ourselves and our world.

Read on to learn more about the philosophies and energies fueling Meta*Juju.