Air Element=Elevating for Perspective and Clarity

The Element of Air, like the air around us, is invisible, but very real. The Air Element is the realm of thoughts and higher awareness.

The Air Element lives in ideas, communication, and spirituality.


If you feel that you need to cultivate the Air Element- you feel disconnected, without guidance, unheard or uninspired- practice bringing it into your life. Spend time outdoors, especially on a breezy day. Breathing exercises cultivate Air energy. A simple 5-count inhale and 5-count exhale will center your mind and give the clarity of Air energy. Also, words and ideas belong to the realm of Air. Writing and drawing are good activities to cultivate Air energy-sometimes you might have to start writing junk but eventually you will connect with the wisdom of Air.

If you want to support the Air element with your attire, consider volume a starting point. Play with proportion. “Intellectual fashion” is a good expression of Air energy. Light shades of blue and violet vibrate with Air energy.

Air Gemstones are for the most part clear. Their energy is generally a high frequency vibration. Air stones are often used in meditation. It is helpful to have Air stones next to your bed to get the most out of your dreams-remembering them, understanding them, and perhaps even taking more conscious action in your dreams.

The astrological signs of Air influence, the planets representing Air energy, and the chakras with Air elements