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Water Element Energy

Water is cool, calm, fluid, deep. Water is neccessary for all life, and it flows between the body and the beyond. Water is feeling and knowing. Water is emotion and sensitivity. The Water Element is expressed in the sacral chakra, the heart chakra, and the throat chakra, with its energy of fluidity and feeling. Water […]

Gemological Astrology

The focus of MetaJuju jewelry is to bring the elemental energy of nature into your life at the most essential level: your physical being, throughout your day. Natural, untreated gemstones possess vibrational energies paralleling the archetypal influences represented in astrology. By reading the natal charts and also anticipating planetary movement, we can use gemstones to […]

Air Element=Elevating for Perspective and Clarity

The Element of Air, like the air around us, is invisible, but very real. The Air Element is the realm of thoughts and higher awareness. The Air Element lives in ideas, communication, and spirituality.   If you feel that you need to cultivate the Air Element- you feel disconnected, without guidance, unheard or uninspired- practice bringing it into […]

The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is an energetic center in the body. It is located at the base of the torso in the physical body. The Sanskrit word for the root chakra is Muladhara. Mula means ‘root’ and Adhara means ‘support’. The energy of the root chakra pertains to our most basic needs in the world-security, support, shelter, […]

Earth: Get Grounded

The influence of Earth is expressed in the material: Earth is the energy of solid matter, of rules, of structure. Earth energy is important for good physical health, and also mental health. Earth energy in the Root Chakra fuels our sense of security, the foundation of our happiness. It helps us be ‘grounded’ or calmed […]

Gemstone Juju-what we do

The MetaJuju of each piece is what Meta*Juju is all about. Read on to learn about the beads and what goes in to the process of making a mala or any piece of jewelry… Q: There’s a lot more than tying knots that goes into making a mala, so let’s walk through the steps for […]

Q&A: What is MetaJuju??

Q: What’s METAJUJU all about? XTY: Prana, Chi, Spirit . . . most cultures in the world have a concept of divine energy. MJ is about understanding the energetic, vibrational nature of existence. Everything comes down to elemental building blocks. And the elements of nature are: air, earth, fire, water and storm. Q: What’s a […]

Ignite: Fire Element

The Fire Element is the source, the engine, the wellspring, the portal, (you get the idea) of passion, transformation, and action. Chakras with Fire Element energy Signs indicitave of and related to Fire Element energy Planets representing the influence of Fire Element energy Gemstones vibrating with Fire Element energy If you feel there is an […]

Yamas and Niyamas

The Yamas and Niyamas are two of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. They are considered the most basic element of Yoga, the first and most critical practice. To call them ‘dos and don’ts’ is a gross oversimplification, but not exactly wrong. Niyamas are essentially practices which will help us relate to ourselves, and Yamas are […]

Meditation Practice

It’s the new year but any time is a great time to recommit to a meditation practice. Meditation is such an interesting paradox-I find that most people are worried about ‘doing it wrong’ but that is impossible to do, in my opinion. If you sit down to meditate, that is what you are doing even […]

Connect to All through the 7th Chakra

Activate and Balance the 7th (Crown) Chakra and understand higher awareness  

Discover your Intuition-the 6th (Third Eye) Chakra

Begin to understand the power of your intuition through the Third Eye Chakra

The 5th (Throat) Chakra

Valerie talks about expressing your Truth and the 5th (Throat) Chakra  

Elemental Energy

It’s easier to understand vast amounts of information if you can organize it into groups. This is one way that the perspective of Elemental Energy can make Astrological influences easier to understand. Broadly, the energy of planets, signs, and gemstones can be classified as one of the five elements of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, or […]

Excellent Meditation Guide

Gabby Bernstein is awesome because she’s a totally normal person who meditates. Really-I love her combination of New York and new age in every post. Today she put out this wonderful guide to beginners meditation-there is really something here for everyone, starting with a one-minute breathing meditation. Check it out!  

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