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Gemological Astrology

The focus of MetaJuju jewelry is to bring the elemental energy of nature into your life at the most essential level: your physical being, throughout your day. Natural, untreated gemstones possess vibrational energies paralleling the archetypal influences represented in astrology. By reading the natal charts and also anticipating planetary movement, we can use gemstones to […]

Air Element=Elevating for Perspective and Clarity

The Element of Air, like the air around us, is invisible, but very real. The Air Element is the realm of thoughts and higher awareness. The Air Element lives in ideas, communication, and spirituality.   If you feel that you need to cultivate the Air Element- you feel disconnected, without guidance, unheard or uninspired- practice bringing it into […]

Earth: Get Grounded

The influence of Earth is expressed in the material: Earth is the energy of solid matter, of rules, of structure. Earth energy is important for good physical health, and also mental health. Earth energy in the Root Chakra fuels our sense of security, the foundation of our happiness. It helps us be ‘grounded’ or calmed […]

Gemstone Juju-what we do

The MetaJuju of each piece is what Meta*Juju is all about. Read on to learn about the beads and what goes in to the process of making a mala or any piece of jewelry… Q: There’s a lot more than tying knots that goes into making a mala, so let’s walk through the steps for […]

Q&A: What is MetaJuju??

Q: What’s METAJUJU all about? XTY: Prana, Chi, Spirit . . . most cultures in the world have a concept of divine energy. MJ is about understanding the energetic, vibrational nature of existence. Everything comes down to elemental building blocks. And the elements of nature are: air, earth, fire, water and storm. Q: What’s a […]

Ignite: Fire Element

The Fire Element is the source, the engine, the wellspring, the portal, (you get the idea) of passion, transformation, and action. Chakras with Fire Element energy Signs indicitave of and related to Fire Element energy Planets representing the influence of Fire Element energy Gemstones vibrating with Fire Element energy If you feel there is an […]