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The 8 Limbs of Yoga

The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali is a widely read and respected compilation of hundreds (if not thousands?) of years of Yogic Philosophy. It is actually a volume of aphorisms meant to be contemplated individually and as a whole in an exploration of Hindu philosophy. It is in the Yoga Sutras that we find The Eight […]

Live from the Heart: The 4th Chakra with Valerie D’Ambrosio

In this Fourth Chakra video, Valerie explains how many aspects of our life are affected by our Heart Chakra.  

The 3rd Chakra: Watch this Vid and Get Empowered!

The Third Chakra is the home of our personal power. Listen to how Valerie D’Ambrosio of Organic Twist explains it:  

Valerie Answers Questions about the Second Chakra

The Second Chakra is sometimes overlooked but it’s so important for feeling our Joy! Listen to Valerie answer my questions about it:  

1st Chakra-Video with Valerie D’Ambrosio

I am so lucky to have Valerie D’Ambrosio to interview about the chakras! She works with the Chakras-check her out over on Organic Twist and watch this video to learn about the First Chakra-Get Grounded and Empowered!  

SO Happy!!

Pretty much everything Pharrell Williams does makes me happy, I’m a huge fan, he’s an amazing artist. I was SO HAPPY to discover this–24 Hours of Happy by Pharrell! Check it out. If you click on one of the yellow dots on the inner circle, you jump to Pharrell himself…   get happy!  

I Heart this Kooky Video!

Crazy Fashion Yoga. This just made my head explode.  

Astrology Correlations

I have been fascinated by astrology ever since I knew what it was. I have been really lucky to have taken some cool classes. In my attempt to make sense of it all for myself and for you, I’ve been working on this sort of illustration of Astrology Correlations. It’s a work in progress! Let […]

You CAN buy Bliss!

I was thrilled the other day when my package from Ascended Health arrived. Check that place out, it has insanely good juju. They use only the finest ingredients and introduce frequencies and crystal charges to their products, too! I got some new toothpaste and also this I Am Blissful Spray. Can you see the label? […]

I didn’t even know this: Mettā!

from Wikipedia, the definition of Mettā (slightly different pronunciation than ‘meta,’ I know…but still, I love this!) Mettā (Pali: मेत्ता in Devanagari) or maitrī (Sanskrit: मैत्री) is loving-kindness,[1][2] friendliness,[3][4][5] benevolence,[2][4] amity,[3] friendship,[4] good will,[4] kindness,[3][6] close mental union (on same mental wavelength),[4] and active interest in others.[3] It is one of the ten pāramīs of […]

What is a Chakra? Video with Valerie D’Ambrosio

I am very lucky to have Valerie D’Ambrosio of Organic Twist to answer my questions about chakras: What are they? How do they affect us? How can we affect them? I interviewed Valerie and she has some great answers for us-here’s our first of 8 videos about the chakra system, stay tuned for more! You […]

Sat Nam

Sat means ‘truth’ and Nam means ‘identity’. The mantra Sat Nam is one of the most commonly used mantras in Kundalini yoga. It translates to mean, basically, ‘truth is my identity.’ Nam is a ‘seed mantra,’ meaning that as a seed has all of the information to grow into a mature tree, the word Nam […]

Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum Literally Translated, the words of this Hindu mantra mean “OM, the jewel in the lotus, HUM.” OM is probably the most common sound you will find in Hindu mantras. It’s not really translatable but sometimes considered the sacred sound that was the first sound in the Universe. HUM, similarly, has more […]

Shiva Mantra

Om Namah Shivaya The literal translation is “Om and salutations to Shiva.” However, it is understood to be a recognition of Shiva, the Hindu God of transformation, inside yourself. When you chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya,’ you are addressing your own divine powers within. Chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ 108 times with a mala. Greet your potential […]

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