Ignite: Fire Element

The Fire Element
fire symbol icon
is the source, the engine, the wellspring, the portal, (you get the idea) of passion, transformation, and action.

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Chakras with Fire Element energy
Signs indicitave of and related to Fire Element energy

Planets representing the influence of Fire Element energy

amber mini citrine mini carnelian mini malachite mini yellowcalcitemini
Gemstones vibrating with Fire Element energy

If you feel there is an expression of the Fire Element missing in your life, practice bringing other Fire energy in. For example, if you feel your creativity is blocked, stoke your passion/build heat/be creative in another way-do a hobby, get physical exercise, have sex, or take a sauna. Burn off the stale. Same for a lack of motivation. Choose an action that is fun and practice the feeling of just doing something. Then move on to doing things you’re less excited about doing—but you’ll be elated when you cross them off your list. Begin to practice your Fire in this way and soon you will begin to express the effective dynamo within!


photocollage elements: Ashish, Cutler And Gross, Valentino, Veja, No.21