Gemological Astrology

The focus of MetaJuju jewelry is to bring the elemental energy of nature into your life at the most essential level: your physical being, throughout your day. Natural, untreated gemstones possess vibrational energies paralleling the archetypal influences represented in astrology. By reading the natal charts and also anticipating planetary movement, we can use gemstones to work with the forces of subtle energy encompassing ourselves and the cosmos.

Gemstone energy can calm an overabundance of certain influences, supplement influences that may be lacking in the chart, or support aspects we otherwise wish to work with. Elemental energy is essentially ‘perfect’ in that the different elements of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth can be balanced to achieve a dynamic harmony that promotes and supports physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

In this example, we have the natal chart of a Pisces sun sign who is approaching their Saturn return. Most planets in this chart are in Earth element signs, so that is an element that is comfortable but could also be restrictive or heavy. A possible GemRx for general health and stress release could be Bloodstone. An Earth element stone that vibrates with vitality, Bloodstone is a variation of chalcedony that has been prized since the middle ages, when it was considered to have magic powers imbued by the red spots–seen as a symbol of Christ’s blood and the namesake of the stone. Bloodstone’s support for the pranic body will be helpful for this person with little Fire element influence, while harmonizing with Earth element influence from all the planets in Taurus and Capricorn.Without any planets in Air signs, this person could feel uninspired, have difficulty clearly evaluating situations, or have difficulty connecting to spiritual guidance. A gem prescription for this is Labradorite, an Air element stone which supports intuition, is protective, and helps us to recognize the ‘lucky coincidences’ that confirm our direction in mundane life.

Looking at the planetary movement for the next year, we can anticipate the conjunction of Jupiter and the natal chart’s Pluto in Scorpio. This combination of expansive and fiery Jupiter with deep and transformative Pluto in its home Water sign could feel somewhat dark and destabilizing. The prescription could be Shungite, an Earth element stone that is profoundly purifying and positively transformative. Also on the transit horizon is the fabled Saturn return, when the planet comes back to its position at birth. Generally viewed as a time to evolve from all the lessons of your previous 28-29 years, it can feel like starting over, or just getting shut down. A stone to help with this time is Blue Fluorite, an Air element stone that is especially helpful with decision making, to support making wise choices that will set the course for the next Saturn cycle.

Of course, there are many stones in different combinations that can help any one person through various situations. If you are interested in your GemRx, contact MetaJuju or go HERE to order a Gemological Astrology reading.