Gemstone Juju-what we do

The MetaJuju of each piece is what Meta*Juju is all about. Read on to learn about the beads and what goes in to the process of making a mala or any piece of jewelry…

Q: There’s a lot more than tying knots that goes into making a mala, so let’s walk through the steps for each piece you design?

XTY: Here are steps I follow for every mala I design. The most important step of all is sourcing quality materials. I attend the Tucson Gem Show every year, the largest gem show in the world. I am trying to get as close to the source as possible. Ideally, I would love to be picking the stones out of the ground and then polishing them into beads myself! Obviously I can’t do this. So I am looking for the energy coming out of the earth.

Scenes from the Tucson Gem Show

I try to get the cleanest, highest vibration stones possible. So I like to touch them before I buy them (just like with clothes!). There are so many crazy things they do to stones: they can be dyed, radiated, stabilized, who knows what but the vibrations change, so I just want to hold them and see how they feel. If it feels like plastic, it probably is. Bottom line, you get what you pay for. I ask where things are from and buy directly from mines whenever possible. For example, Pietersite is one of my favorites and I get all of it from the mine’s booth in Tucson.

Q: Let’s talk about the Gem Show at some point, but what’s next. You have stones you feel good about. And then?

XTY: Water cleansing. I cleanse all new stones in rain water, ocean water or river water, depending on the temperatures. Because water freezing inside can crack the stones, the material could change with the temperature, it’s a natural material affected by nature.beads in rain

Then, after a water bath, I hang them out in the next full moon. Moonlight further cleanses and re-aligns the energy of the stones.

beads moonlight

A piece of jewelry starts with the third step: choosing the stones.

I start with an intention for a mala or if it’s a custom, with the recipient’s birth chart.

beads and chart

I take into account what Elemental Energies are needed, Chakras to balance, and the overall look for the finished piece. I string a ‘rough draft’ just to see the finished design.

I send photos of design ideas for approval, plus ideas of how to finish the mala-with a stone, tassel, pendant, or combination of these.

design draft

Once the design is finalized, I put the strand in a Tibetan singing bowl with sacred water. water bowl

This sonic attunement harmonizes the energies of the chosen stones.

Fifth step, is the final stringing and knotting of the beads. I always use silk string. And it’s so important to do this step when I’m feeling positive, because those are the most healing thoughts.


When the mala is finished, I choose a mantra based on that particular energy and I do one round of the mantra with the mala.

Then I write up all the information I have about the stones and the mantra, on a card and also on the website so you can refer back to it.

finished mala


It’s important to maintain the energy of the mala once you start wearing it. Events and other people can affect the energy of objects. Cleanse and recharge your mala weekly or monthly-whatever you can do. I mail out the malas with a piece of Selenite, a stone that cleans the energy around it. Store your mala near it when you’re not wearing it (careful because the raw selenite is kind of fragile) Or, you can put it in a bowl of Himalayan salt (unless you have certain stones that scratch easily) or put it outside in a rainstorm if it’s not too cold.

On a full moon, hang it in a tree or a plant in the moonlight, outdoors if possible. Be sure to bring it back inside before the sun gets too high because direct bright sunlight can affect the color of natural stones.


The silk will not last forever, of course, so plan on having it restrung, especially if you get the mala wet. During restringing, you can choose a new color and if you want to swap out some stones you can do that also, to match a new phase in your life or just a new favorite outfit! We’re always changing.