Custom Order Malas

Custom Order Malas make great gifts for loved ones–or yourself! To get ideas for yourself-thinking about the powers of stones as well as the colors and styles, please visit our inspiration gallery. Also, learn more about what goes into making a custom mala.

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Favorite colors/colors you don’t like?

Any ‘issues’ or things you’re working on? For example, do you feel like it's hard to get anything done in a day? Have terrible road rage? Keep dating people who don't 'get' you? Don't be shy to ask for what you want! (Maybe that's something you're working on?)

What is your budget? For the most part, stones are available in a wide range of qualities. For the natural stones we use, and the metaphysical cleansing/charging I always perform, 108-bead malas start at $145 but we could certainly find stones that are worth $600 or even $1200 (and that would be amazing!) Please just enter a number you feel comfortable with to give us an idea.

Anything else you would like me to know about you or what you are looking for?