Botswana Agate, Yellow Calcite, Amber $290

Botswana Agate, Yellow Calcite, Spiderweb Obsidian, Himalayan Quartz, Aquamarine, Amber, Fossilized Ocean Reed

Associations: Root chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, Third Eye chakra; Earth Element, Air Element
Keywords: Grounding, Balance, Intuition, Spirit Connection, Clear Mind

Mantra: Sa Ta Na Ma

Botswana Agate is known as ‘the solution stone’ as it helps us focus on the actions to bring us beyond problems. It activates the third eye chakra and balances the root chakra. Yellow Calcite combines air and fire energies to give mental stamina for inspired action. Spiderweb Obsidian is an earth and air element stone that connects the third eye and root chakras to guide the way to make dreams real. Himalayan Quartz is an air element stone that activates the crown chakra, igniting the spirit connection and lighting the way to higher awareness. Aquamarine is a water element stone that activates and balances the throat chakra. Its cooling energy contributes to clear, calm communication. Amber is an earth element stone that carries the healing and warming yellow ray of the sun.

The energies of these stones combine to support balance, intuition, and a clear path forward. It’s an overall grounding and warming energy that will make you feel comfortable trusting your intuition and spirit guides.