Chalcedony, Jasper, Diamond, Labradorite $645

Chalcedony, Spiderweb Jasper, Aquamarine, Chrysoprase, Labradorite, Rudraksha, Pave Diamond Bead

Associations: Water Element, Earth Element, Air Element, Root Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra
Keywords: Clear Communication, Intuition, Cooling, Stress Release, Grounding, Flow

Mantra: Ong Sohung

The stones in this mala combine their Water and Earth Energies to support a calming, grounded, heart-centered  and higer vibrational perspective of life. Light blue Chalcedony is a balancing water stone, guiding your communication of your inner truth. Black Spiderweb Jasper is a grounding stone that balances the Root Chakra and empowers manifestation. Aquamarine is a powerful Throat Chakra water element stone which promotes calm, clear communication. Chrysoprase (light green) is another water element stone which supports growth and Heart Chakra opening. Labradorite (grey) is an air element stone that helps open the Third Eye, our intuition, and helps us see the synchronicities that seem like crazy coincidences but are actually signposts on our path. Rudraksha seeds represent the strength of Shiva, and remind us that the power of Shiva is within ourselves. Diamond is the most powerful storm element stone, clearing negative energy, creating a protective shield, and magnifying the energy of surrounding stones.

The mantra Ong Sohung opens the Heart Chakra, our greatest source of energy on earth and in connecting to the universal creative force.