Chrysocolla, Chalcedony, Emerald

Chrysocolla, Chalcedony, Emerald, Labradorite, Aquamarine, Pyrite, Crystal Ganesha

Associations: Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Water Element, Storm Element, Earth Element

Keywords: Compassion, Love, Fluidity, Acceptance, Communication, Protection, Calming

Mantra: Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu

Emerald is the most powerful Heart-activating gemstone. This mala takes advantage of Emerald’s power by combining it with other Water Element stones, supporting compassion with fluidity, calm communication, acceptance, and benevolence. Emerald also enlightens the aura. Chrysocolla supports the expression of Goddess Energy, empowering you to find strength in Love. All the Water stones: Emerald, Chrysocolla, Chalcedony, and Aquamarine, encourage the flow of emotion in our lives-allowing us to accept and then release our lessons in order to continually evolve. Chalcedony soothes the emotional body and Aquamarine calms the throat both figuratively and literally. Labradorite is a Storm Element stone, which offers energetic protection, diffusing negativity and converting it to a higher vibration. Labradorite is also valued for its ‘magic’ powers, magic in the sense of recognizing the amazing coincidences and blessings we have and realizing that they are actually signposts from the universe on our path to truth. Pyrite is an Earth Element stone which activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, boosting our physical vitality and energizing our powers of creativity and manifestation.

Ganesha is known as ‘The Remover of Obstacles’ because he leads us on our path. He is revered as a god of ‘Beginnings’ and also known as the ‘Lord of Learning’. Ganesha represents the work that results in our enlightenment. It is our obstacles, our lessons, which give us wisdom. In fact Ganesha is also known to put the obstacles there in the first place, in addition to removing them for us. Ganesha is associated with the root chakra, our foundation, as well as the sound of OM which is considered to be the first sound of the Universe and the ‘seed’ sound from which all knowledge comes.

The mantra Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu means ‘May all beings in the world find peace’ and it also carries the idea that in wishing for that Universal peace, we are doing something to contribute to it.