Foundation for Higher Awareness

Om Namah Shivaya

Lepidolite, Himalayan Red Azeztulite, Jasper, Shungite, Bloodstone


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Air Element, Water Element, Earth Element, Storm Element. Root Chakra, Crown Chakra, Heart Chakra.

Root Chakra Heart Chakra Third Eye Chakracrown Chakra
Keywords: Grounding, Security, Connection to Nature, Calming, Catharsis

Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya

Purple Lepidolite is a unique Water element stone that balances all chakras and especially energizes the Heart and Third Eye chakras. Himalayan Red Azeztulite is a Storm element stone that combines grounding with expansion, supporting a spiritual practice which is grounded in day-to-day life. Jasper is a gentle Earth element grounding stone, this black and green variety encourages a connection to nature as a way to feel joy in life wherever you are. Shungite is a purifying Earth element stone that filters negativity from the subtle body and further supports transformation to a higher awareness while remaining grounded and organized. Bloodstone is a detoxifying Earth and Water element stone that has been prized since ancient times. It is called Bloodstone because it is said to have been the stone at the feet of Christ on the cross, the red veins are his blood. As such it is a powerful Heart chakra opener, activating compassion for self and others. It is a stone of physical vitality and courage.

Together, the grounding Earth element energy and the inspiring and enlightening Air element energy encourage and support a stable foundation for continued spiritual expansion.  Activated Root and Heart chakras open the way to trust and compassion and clarity comes from the Third Eye and Crown chakras. This was a custom-designed mala.