Grounded Compassion

Ong So Hung

Ruby in Zoisite, Lodolite, Lava, Rose Quartz

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Water Element,  Earth Element,  Fusion Element, Root Chakra, Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra

Root ChakraHeart ChakraThird Eye Chakracrown Chakra
Keywords: grounding, compassion, chi, prana, clarity, love, heart healing

Mantra: Ong So Hung

Ruby in Zoisite is a powerful Heart Chakra stone comprising Earth Element Ruby and Fusion Element Zoisite. Combining the grounded vitality of Zoisite and the energizing power of Ruby, this stone is a powerful heart healer both physically and emotionally. Clear Lodolite opens and balances the upper chakras, lighting clear thinking and intuition. Lava stone maintains Water Element energy, supporting grounded acceptance. Pink Rose Quartz is a beautiful Water Element stone that opens and balances the Heart Chakra.

The overall energy of this mala will make you smile, feeling connected to love and compassion. The mantra Ong So Hung is used to open the heart chakra. It means “I am the creative energy of the universe.” This mantra and mala help us to understand and feel the all-encompassing energy of compassion and prana flowing between ourselves and the universe at large. No biggie!