Howlite, Moonstone $135

Howlite, Moonstone, White Feldspar, Quartz Crystal

Associations: (Elements and Chakras) Air Element, Storm Element, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra
Keywords: Stress Release, Intuition, Compassion, Non-Judgement

Mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum

Howlite is a Storm Element stone which actually represents the balance of all the other energies. It has the effect of a mid-summer storm that clears the stagnant energy in the air and cleans and refreshes our environment. In this way it helps us to pause and take a step back in stressful situations. Rainbow Moonstone is an Air Element stone with a high vibration which helps you connect to your intuition and transform yourself to a more joyful energy. It activates and balances the Third Eye and Crown chakras. White Feldspar is also an Air Element stone that vibrates a general positivity through physical and energetic levels. Clear Quartz Crystal is an Air Element stone which is one of the most powerful acting upon the Crown chakra-empowering your energy to a higher connection.

Overall, the connection with the higher chakras and the Storm element energy in this mala make it good to wear to help you release stress and operate from a perspective of compassion…for example, while driving! Being able to observe without judgement is a powerful weapon against stress.