Shungite with Meteorite Tassel

Wahe Guru!

Gibeon Meteorite, Black Spinel, Shungite, Sterling Silver.

Grounding, Transformation, Protection, Purification.

Gibeon Meteorite is a Fusion Element object. It crashed into Earth in prehistory, originating as the iron core of a space object. It connects us to higher awareness and higher-frequency planes of energy. Black Spinel is an Earth Element stone that connects the physical body to divine understanding. Shungite is an Earth Element stone that is purifying and protective. It grounds the physical body and cleans the energy field.

The combined energy of these stones can support in the difficult process of connecting to a higher vibration and grounding positive change in aspects of your self. Envision other ways you could be or live, and then do the practical actions that make that real.

Price: $240.00