Woolly Mammoth Fossil, Variscite Fossil, Hematite

Strength and Positivity

Fossilized Wooly Mammoth Bone, Variscite Brachiopod Fossil, Hematite

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Heart Chakra Root Chakra

This 16″ necklace comprises rare and lustrous fossils with powerful grounding hematite. The energy of fossils connects to the time of the living organism, thousands of years before, bridging to Earth energy of prehistoric times. The white beads are fossilized woolly mammoth ivory, from tusks of the animals who lived in the Pleistocene epoch which ended 10,000 years ago. The center variscite pendant is also a fossil. The variscite portion filled in tissues of a brachiopod as it fossilized. This piece was mined in Nevada where there have been many fossils found from the varying bodies of water from the Precambrian era. Variscite is a Water element mineral that activates the Heart chakra. It encourages positivity and compassion. Hematite is an iron oxide Earth element mineral. It is powerfully grounding and its supportive energy is protective to the body’s field.

The energy of this necklace is powerfully compassionate and reverent of the beauty of Earth. Wear it to feel connected to the history of nature, radiant with positivity.

Price: $900.00