Q&A: What is MetaJuju??

Q: What’s METAJUJU all about?

XTY: Prana, Chi, Spirit . . . most cultures in the world have a concept of divine energy. MJ is about understanding the energetic, vibrational nature of existence. Everything comes down to elemental building blocks. And the elements of nature are: air, earth, fire, water and storm.

Q: What’s a simple way for people to start experiencing this energy?

XTY: That’s one of the main things meditation is for, a way of understanding this energy and practicing that experience every day. Through meditation, we stop and just notice. It takes practice to be able to focus on the inner workings of our selves.

Q: And who are you looking to connect with?

XTY: Anybody who thinks that the materials they surround themselves with affect their energy—their physical, mental and spiritual states. We can tap into the abundant elemental energy of the universe.

Q: So how does elemental energy relate to your interest in design and fashion?

XTY: One of my teachers said that fashion is what separates humanity from every other species. We’re the only beings that change the way we look. Our physical appearance is a manifestation connected to our energetic nature—good or bad. Sometimes that is a result of how we feel; sometimes it results in changing how we feel. I want to help people get closer to the joy of life with fashion.

Q: Let’s talk about your daily practices, like hiking.

XTY: Nature is my daily practice. If you want a simple way to connect to elemental energy, go outside. Close your eyes to pay attention to the feeling of being outdoors. Try to sit or lie directly on the ground. Feel the effect of connecting to the planet. Maybe the big practice here is just opening your mind to the kookiness of what I’m saying. But if you can get over that, I promise you will feel what I’m talking about because the energy of the Earth is HUGE, and it is always flowing.

Q: Speaking of kookiness, you work with beads but you weren’t always a fan?

XTY: I definitely thought beading was the cheesy way to make jewelry. The whole stinky hippy thing, or the Craft Store regular making necklaces and beaded TP-holders, you know? That stereotype was one I held; I’ll admit it. But I’m realizing that there’s actually this long tradition—a bead has intrinsic value because it’s from the earth and has a hole in it so you can carry it easier. Beads were the first currency.

Q: And what’s the relationship between beads, malas and elemental energy?

XTY: I do my best to work entirely with natural stones. That way, they have the true energy of the earth. Stones carry the atomic vibration that we learned about in science; their elemental structure gives different stones different energies. Combining the energy of the stones with the intention of making a mala for meditation creates an object that becomes more than beads on a string.

Q: What’s meta-/metaphysical mean to you and how does that relate to beads, fashion, energy . . .?

XTY: Meta means ‘beyond’ or ‘beneath’ so Meta Juju is the behind-the-scenes, subtle energy that results in the appearance of our physical reality. By increasing our awareness, we can practice feeling the effects of metaphysical on the physical. How does what you are wearing affect what you’re thinking and feeling and being?

Q: So how does astrology fit into all of this?

XTY: I believe astrology influences us, but it doesn’t rule us or determine our actions or limit our choices. If we’re talking about vibrations and physical bodies in the universe, if the moon can affect the tides of the ocean, it’s easy for me to believe all the planets have a subtle pull on our physical and energy bodies.

Q: Last but not least,SneakerJuju—where do kicks fit into all this energy?

XTY: Sneakerjuju is about taking good juju out on the road! How someone looks in day-to-day life is what’s interesting to me. Making something utilitarian personal is what fashion is all about, and I like it when utility has style. Stylish sneakers are the best expression of our modern lives.