Water Element Energy

Water is cool, calm, fluid, deep. Water is neccessary for all life, and it flows between the body and the beyond. Water is feeling and knowing. Water is emotion and sensitivity.

The Water Element is expressed in the sacral chakra, the heart chakra, and the throat chakra, with its energy of fluidity and feeling.

Water energy can get solid immovable earth flowing, give form to airy communication, or calm and cool hot and aggressive fire.

An imbalance of Water could be reclusive and over-sensitive, emotionally reactive to the world around. It could result in lethargy, or an inability to be contained-though there are certainly positives and negatives to that. If you are feeling irritated, overheated, or stuck, think how soothing a soak in the perfect temperature tub would feel. Baths, swimming, walking in the rain…getting your body in water will get it in your energy too.

Wearing flowing, expressive clothing will help your water energy. Choose fabrics with drape and volume, and be sure they won’t be constricting or overheating!

Water Gemstones are generally blue and green. They have a powerfully soothing energy at a gentle medium frequency. Water Energy gemstones are used for healing, clarity, and support in letting go of attachments and emotions we no longer need. They are stress-releasing and nourishing.

The Moon, Pluto, and Neptune are Water element planets. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are Water element signs. And the Sacral, Heart, and Throat chakras also flow with Water element energy.