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You may not want to wear your heart on your sleeve, but you can wear the vibrations of the cosmos over your heart! MetaJuju is here with natural, metaphysically empowered modern magic jewelry and accessories that help you connect to the elemental energy of the universe with joy and style!


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Elemental Juju

The foundation of MetaJuju theory is the idea of basic Elemental energy-not at all a new idea and present in most cultures' philosophies since the beginning of time. Everything in the cosmos is some blend of the basic elements of nature. The benefit of knowing this is the ability to consciously balance these elements in your body and life. Many factors affect our elemental balance: environment, thoughts and emotions, and astrology are just a few.

The Five Elements of Juju

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Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the air element signs. Air juju relates to thoughts and voice, they travel by air. Unbalanced air could be experienced as 'spaciness.' Hiking to a mountaintop is a way to experience air.

earth transpbg.gif

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the earth signs. 'Earthy' people prefer to be in nature. Once can be 'down to earth' or 'a stick in the mud.' Gardening brings the earth element into your life.

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Aires, Leo, and Sagittarius are fire signs. Fire juju is hot and action-oriented. Fire-combustion-is a transformative energy. Fire is the antidote to lethargy.

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Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are water signs. Flowing water is our connection to emotion, and to the earth. Water is cooling and calming. Imagine the soothing feeling of floating in water...

fusion transpbg.gif

Fusion is a different sort of element and does not have corresponding signs, but relates to the nodes of the moon as well as 'the angles' of the astrological chart. Fusion energy is the spark of life, and the connection to the beyond.  

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Subtle Energy

Key to understanding Juju is the concept of subtle energy. Recognized by many traditions and cultures as a critical component of existence and health, the term 'subtle body' refers to parts of the body that are not easy to measure with regular western medical equipment but can be quite obvious when observed from a different perspective. If you have noticed in your body a physical response to a mental or emotional situation, you felt the subtle body. The subtle body permeates and expands beyond the physical body. It is affected by all kinds of stimuli: emotions, food, breathing, exercise, and the environment-including our extraterrestrial environment. Subtle energy acts on the body in an infinite combination of ways but its essential nature can almost always be categorized as one or a combination of the five essential elements of juju.



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Gem Juju

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Gemstones are the result of geological transformation and evolution, and they vibrate with the elemental energy of the cosmos. Gemstones vary by purity and quality, but even common stones like granite, howlite, or jasper have significant energy. Gemstones are tools for energetic transformation. They are used in combination with other energetic practices in order to affect changes in the subtle and physical body.


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