Air Juju

The Elemental Energy of Air is invisible, but we can see Air’s effects. Its lack of graspable presence makes us forget our desperate need for air but try going more than a minute without a breath—try holding it right now— and then as your attention focuses on breathing, notice the calming of your mind and body. Air is the connection—between bodies, between here and beyond. 

air planets.jpg

Air Planets

Planets signify a universal channel of energy represented by traditional archetypes.
The Air planets represent ideas and communication.

MERCURY Closest to the sun, the messenger planet helps us communicate and understand the big ideas. 

URANUS spins sideways, and represents all the ways we can subvert the norm. 



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Air Signs

Astrological Signs are archetypes and an expression of elemental Air energy at the core. Air signs are intellectual and communicative.

GEMINI the twins always have each other to talk to—as a direct reflection, or as two sides of a coin.

LIBRA the scales represent judgment, a desire for balance, and the necessity of relationship for social evolution.

AQUARIUS the water bearer intuits new ideas for society—sometimes years ahead of time.

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Air Chakras

The concept of Chakras is vast. Consider them vortices of color that spin energy through the bodies—both physical and subtle (energetic, emotional, spiritual.)   Air is the energy of communication, thought, and intuition.

AJNA the third eye chakra is the center of instinct, intuition and inspiration

VISHUDDHA the throat chakra is our center of communication and self-expression.