Wahe Guru!

My favorite general mantra is simply, Wahe Guru. It's pronounced 'Wah-hey-goo-roo.' It is generally defined as 'untranslatable' nonetheless it generally means, WOW! THIS IS SO AWESOME GUYS! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT WE ARE PRIVILEGED TO HAVE THIS EXPERIENCE ON THE PLANET RIGHT NOW IN THESE BODIES AND ALL THIS STUFF?!!?

Mantra acts on our being at many levels. The sounds affect us vibrationally. The physical actions we take as mudras during mantra and also making the sound with our body affects energy channels in the body. Both of these levels reinforce the emotional connection we have to the meaning of the mantra (but sound and action are powerful enough to act without knowing the meaning of the words). 

But basically, just imagine you were a person who was so filled with gratitude for every moment as yourself, that you constantly wanted to be giving the universe a high-five, as my dear friend Valerie D'Ambrosio once defined 'Wahe Guru'. Think about how joyful your life would be on a moment-by moment basis.

We practice at FEELING Wahe Guru when we chant Wahe Guru.

Try it now-shout Wah-hey-goo-roo!