How do healing gems 'work'?!?

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This is my favorite question!!! 

The simple answer is that crystals and gemstones are multi-functional tools that help address issues in the subtle body, working on different levels of energy. They help you do the work.

Like all matter in the cosmos, gemstones vibrate at the subtle energetic level. To use gemstones, consider the subtle energy specific to the type of gem. Based on their crystalline structure, gemstone vibrations may be soothing, energizing, protective, inspiring–every gemstone has a unique composition. Gemstones vibrate at the frequencies of the five Elemental EnergiesAirEarthFireWater, and Fusion. These energies also flow through our physical and subtle body. 

The subtle body is an energetic emanation within and beyond your physical body, so it also interacts with those around you. Gems can help deflect negative energy from others, or project heart-centered positivity to uplift yourself and everyone around you. Some gems can clean and/or strengthen your energy field, or help re-organize it if you feel scattered or discombobulated.

The color of gemstones is part of their functionality. Color affects the chakras by activating and balancing the chakra's energies. Addressing the subtle body through chakra energy can have profound effects on the physical, mental, and emotional body, which influence each other. Imagine how wearing the color red can make you feel-maybe powerful, or strong. Those feelings will also affect your physical and mental energy.

To choose the gemstone for you, identify which elements you need to address in your life/body. This can be as simple as what feels good that day. If I'm feeling spacey, I wear earth juju gems like jasper or obsidian to feel grounded and strong. If I'm feeling on edge, I put on my howlite mala to feel the fusion juju which helps me deal with traffic and other less-than-wonderful parts of life. When I have a client consultation, I wear an aquamarine necklace so its water juju can support my throat chakra for clear, compassionate communication.

Gemstones are most powerful as tools for the mind. When you select a gemstone for the purpose of energetic healing, you are setting an intention in your mind. Focusing the mind with attention and intention has powerful effects on our physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. The most effective way to use a healing gem is to set an intention upon choosing it, and regularly draw your attention to that. For example, I often wear a piece of Libyan Gold Tektite on a chain positioned over my solar plexus. I wear it under my clothes against my skin. When my roaming mind notices it, I flash on the memory of my intention: willpower. 'Quit reading and get back to work!' Sometimes it works, I’m practicing!

Having gemstones in contact with the body is a direct physical connection to the elemental vibration of the stone. Massage wands or crystal jewelry are effective examples. Gemstone malas used in meditation expand the energy of the gems. There are numerous ways gemstones can be used as tools for healing.