Introduction to Meditation


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MetaJuju is about discovering the subtle energy forces that permeate our bodies, the earth, and the cosmos. Tapping into these energies that are within and all around us requires practice at quieting the usual human chatter in the mind. That's meditation. 

Meditation is a tool to help us experience these energies that modern daily life can overpower. The more that technology separates us from direct experience with nature and one another, the more important it is for our mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing that we practice tuning in. 

Consider the idea that your conscious thoughts are a separating layer between your subconscious essential nature (ie "oneness with the Universe") and the reality you perceive outside yourself. In meditation, you’re dissolving this layer of conscious thought between essential nature and the "outside" world. Meditation facilitates the merging of these two states, creating a connectedness and vibrance to life.

The good news is that mediation can be simple and quick* to do. 

(Below, Read about some basic meditation practices and choose one.)

Try not to have any expectations for this practice.  By this I mean don't assume that if you do it right, you will receive some specific benefit in a set amount of time. Just do the practice every day with the goal of committing yourself to the practice for the predetermined amount of time.

Remember that in meditation, thoughts will come. Observe your thoughts without judgement, let them go, and bring your focus back to your practice. Repeat as necessary. As long as you sit with the intention of observing your thoughts without judgement, you are 'doing it right.' 

Commit to a practice for 10 days in a row, with the optimal goal of 40 days in a row.

Meditation practices are often done first thing in the morning, but as long as you do it before midnight, you 'get credit' for doing it that day.

*as every meditation teacher says, meditation can be simple and quick, but not necessarily easy.