Sound Healing with Planetary Gongs

blue wave image copy.jpg

Sound healing is an ancient technique in harmony with modern science. Sound has been used for over three thousand years in ceremony and ritual to provide sacred healing. Sound vibrations affect the physical, subtle, and metaphysical. 

Sound therapy is based on the concept that everything is vibration. As we learned in junior high science, the protons, neutrons and electrons that make up every atom in every molecule in the universe are in constant motion. At a subatomic level, all the cosmos is vibrating. Sound can interact with this vibration. Sound waves vibrate through our cells and harmonize elements of our physical and energetic bodies on a profound level. Sound therapy is a recognized treatment for anxiety, stress, and pain. 

There are many instruments used in sound healing, from drums to flutes, bowls, and gongs.

I have felt the deepest healing experience with planetary gongs. The planetary gongs vibrate with specific frequencies based on the orbits of the planets. These vibrations of the planetary gongs affect our cells and selves in accordance with the archetypes of the planets. Combining the wisdom of astrology with the practices of meditation and sound therapy results in a powerful tool to cope with the challenges of modern life. 

Christy B.