Choose Earth

collage by @artbyweez.

collage by @artbyweez.

Many of us are fortunate enough to have so many choices to make every day. It becomes overwhelming and we usually just do things the way we have done them before, without even noticing the choices we are making. It happens in all areas of our life. Our eating habits: we eat the same thing for breakfast every day. Our relationships: we say the same goodbyes. Our work: we replay the same conversations that are not really advancing the situations. If you bring a new awareness to all of your daily choices, you can make a change.

I want to focus on some specific choices we are making, and challenge you to make them differently for one week: Choose Earth. Every time you can make a choice, make it for the earth.

Can you walk instead of drive?

Can you wash that plastic food container and use it again?

Can you wash those clothes in cold water?

Can you fix that instead of replacing it?

There is too much carbon in our atmosphere, and too much plastic in our oceans. Even though there are some who do not believe humans are causing climate change (not that I expect any of them to be reading this), I do not know of anyone but humans who could have created this pollution. We must also stop creating it and clean it up.


Choose to re-use!

Here’s 2 takeout food containers we ate from this week-sturdy plastic but not recyclable. Less than 60 seconds to wash them out-now I can take them to the store to be re-filled. If everyone re-used the plastic they got ONE TIME before throwing it away, it could halve the amount of plastic that’s thrown in the ocean: according to the Ocean Conservancy link above, that would save 4 million metric tons of plastic per year.

Please, today try to choose to re-use something plastic instead of throwing it away!

Christy juju