Fire Juju

The Elemental Energy of Fire is familiar to most—even if they don’t have any fire in their chart. Everyone knows what fire feels like—it burns, it ignites, it cooks. It emits energy as it tranforms. In all realms, fire can do these things in a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ way depending on its trigger and its fuel. It’s best to be prepared to work with Fire.

fire planets.jpg

Fire Planets

Planets signify a universal channel of energy represented by traditional archetypes.

Fire planets are radiant and energetic.

The SUN, the king. Center of our solar system, our identity, and our potential.

MARS is the red warrior, the aggressor, the instigator and executive.

JUPITER, the largest planet in our solar system, is expansion, exploration, and largesse.


fire signs.jpg

Fire Signs

Astrological Signs are archetypes and an expression of elemental Fire energy at the core. Fire signs are impulsive and hot.

ARIES the ram burns like an endless flame, powering through conflict and challenge.

LEO the lion shines like the sun with a mane of energy rays. 

SAGITTARIUS the archer burns with desire to learn more, see more, travel more . . .

fire chakras.jpg

Fire Chakras

The concept of Chakras is vast. Consider them vortices of color that spin energy through the bodies—both physical and subtle (energetic, emotional, spiritual.) The Fire Element contributes passion, vitality, and productivity.

MANIPURA the solar plexus chakra is the center of willpower, motivation, and action.

SVADHISTHANA the sacral chakra is the center of creativity and sexuality.