Fusion Juju

A different sort of energy, Fusion can be seen as a balance of all the elements, a different dimension of energy, or the enlivening force in the other elements. This Fusion energy is protective and purifying, like a force field, or a lightning storm on a muggy summer day. Shout from a mountaintop to feel Fusion energy.

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Fusion Astrology

Fusion signifies a universal channel of energy represented by traditional archetypes. It doesn’t correspond to any planet, but to ‘points’ in the sky.

These ‘points’ in the sky are an expression of Fusion energy at the core. Fusion points relate to the big picture and beyond.

The ‘AC’ or ascendant marks the position of the horizon at the moment of your birth, representing the incoming energy.

LUNAR NODES are more significant in Vedic astrology than in the Western tradition. They relate to the path of the moon and represent our karma. These moving points in the sky refer to points of intersection of the moon’s and sun’s orbits. The nodes of the moon represent one’s calling (NORTH NODE) or one’s inherited traits/knowlege (SOUTH NODE) 

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Fusion Chakras

The concept of Chakras is vast. Consider them vortices of color that spin energy through the bodies—both physical and subtle (energetic, emotional, spiritual.) Fusion Energy is protective and elevating, opening awareness and understanding.

SAHASVARA the                        crown chakra is the connection to etheric bodies, higher awareness, and beyond.

AJNA the third eye chakra is the center of instinct, intuition and inspiration


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