Acceptance and Peace

Acceptance and Peace


GemRx: acceptance and compassion

Mantra: Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha

Howlite, Himalayan quartz, labradorite, rutilated quartz, onyx

The combined energy of this mala is reinforced by the mantra Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha, a mantra to Ganesh, the Hindu god called ‘the remover of obstacles.’ Sometimes Ganesh puts the obstacles there in order to teach us what we need for the next step, but when we honor Ganesh we are acknowledging the lessons that life’s obstacles teach us so that we can advance.

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White Howlite is a very soothing Fusion element stone which has the clearing energy of a thunderstorm-feeling like the peaceful aftermath. Howlite energizes the Heart chakra and helps us to accept ourselves and others as we are, where we are. Clear Himalayan Quartz is programmable with intention and magnifies the energies surrounding it. Also a Fusion element stone, Himalayan Quartz  activates the Crown chakra and connects to higher awareness and vibration. Shimmery grey Labradorite is an Air element stone that activates the Third Eye chakra, the center of intuition. It is sometimes called a ‘magic’ stone because it helps us notice the serendipitous occurrences that are signposts on our path. The Rutilated Quartz pendant on this mala further amplifies the Fusion element energy, activates and aligns all chakras, and empowers manifestation. Black Onyx of the guru bead and tassel is a powerful soothing Earth element stone. It activates the Root chakra and helps bring dreams and visions into reality.