Earth Goddess

Earth Goddess


Green garnet, Alaskan moose antler (scavenged), pyrite, blue tiger eye

GemRx: Grounding, Balance, Willpower, Prosperity

Mantra: Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Jai Sita Ram

The combined energy of this mala is at once boldly empowering and solidly grounding, connecting your own motivation to the abundance of all nature. It is a very balancing energy-dynamic, but stabilizing. Acting on all levels of your being, it is physically calming, emotionally soothing, and mentally inspiring. With the Sita Ram mantra, you practice the feelings of balance, empowerment, and abundance.

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Grossular Garnet is an Earth Element stone that emanates grounding, abundant, vibrant goddess energy. It promotes prosperity and vitality, and activates the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. Naturally shed Alaskan Moose Antler, is found on the tundra after the annual shedding by the bull moose. Antlers carry motivating, empowering, and protective masculine energy and connect you to the generative force of energy flowing from earth. Pyrite is an Earth Element stone, also activating the Solar Plexus chakra. It emanates positivity and motivation. Pyrite shields from negative energy and charges positive energy. Blue Tiger Eye combines the energies of fire and air. Acting on the Solar Plexus, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, it is an energizing and also calming stone. It balances the physical and subtle bodies.