Earth and Water

Earth and Water


GemRx: Grounding with fluidity. Transforms energy to higher vibration.

Lava, shungite, aquamarine, tourmalined quartz, howlite, pave diamond guru bead with blue topaz tassel

mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum

Shungite and Tourmalined quartz are earth juju stones, both known for purification and transformation of disruptive and detrimental energy. Tourmalined quartz acts on a higher vibration in the subtle body and shungite acts on all levels (physical, mental, spiritual). Lava has both earth and water juju. It represents the transformational power of the Earth and it has the energy of both fluidity and stabilization-dynamic balance. Blue sky jasper is an earth juju stone that’s very grounding. Aquamarine is a water juju stone, cooling and calming, supporting clear communication and the ability to let things go. Howlite is a fusion juju stone that helps us view all with equanimity. Blue topaz is a fire juju stone that activates the throat chakra, empowering self-expression. Diamond is the most powerful white light stone, protective and connecting to higher awareness. It also magnifies any surrounding energy.

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Shungite is a rare and unusual Earth element stone which is a powerful purifier for your energy field. Spiderweb Obsidian is another Earth element stone that helps us understand the blocks we must push through. Tourmalined Quartz combines the purifying energy of Black Tourmaline with the amplification of Quartz to result in a stone that transforms negative energy to positive. Howlite is a Fusion element stone that helps us accept ourselves and others as they are. Aquamarine is a Water element stone which supports clear communication. Lava is an earth element stone that promotes adaptability and balance. The combined energy of these stones is supported by the powerful Sa Ta Na Ma mantra, a Bij or ‘seed’ mantra which expresses the cycle of life in the universe and is chanted to support transformation and discovery of destiny. The pave diamond guru bead from India magnifies the energy of the other stones in the mala and projects protective white light in the aura. The tassel is Apatite, an Air element stone that activates the Third Eye chakra, igniting intuition and connection to higher states of consciousness.