Grounding and Enlightenment

Grounding and Enlightenment


GemRx: Grounding, Balance, Manifestation, Transformation, Wholeness

Mantra: Sa Ta Na Ma

The combined energy of this mala is represented and empowered by the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma. This mantra is chanted to balance the two hemispheres of the brain, connect to intuition, and lead a path out of darkness. It is the continuous cycle of life and creation in the universe and chanting Sa Ta Na Ma effects healing, guidance, and peace.

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This variety of Jasper may be called ‘cloisonne’ since its patterned surface looks like insets outlined in gold, but actually this feature is a symbol of its ability to join different levels of awareness. All jaspers have grounding Earth element properties but these ‘windows’ help connect higher consciousness to the physical body. It balances the Root and Third Eye chakras.

Shungite is a rare and unusual stone found in Russia. It is thought to be a fossil of the first form of life on the planet. Its molecular structure contains naturally occuring fullerenes. As charcoal can be used to purify water, Shungite purifies the energy field, and activates the Root chakra.

White Howlite is a Fusion element stone that helps us release judgement and accept situations and others as they are. It activates the crown chakra and balances all chakras.

Rutilated Quartz and Tourmalined Quartz are two varieties of quartz with specific inclusions: Rutilated Quartz includes threads of Golden Rutile and Tourmalined Quartz, Black Tourmaline. Quartz is a Fusion element stone that’s programmable and magnifies the properties of elements around it. Rutilated Quartz ramps up high-energy programmability of Rutile and effectively amplifies the wearer’s powers of perception and manifestation. Tourmalined Quartz magnifies the purifying qualities of Black Tourmaline and transforms negative energy to positive.

Turquoise is another Fusion element stone that has a more personal effect, promoting the feeling of wholeness, the feeling that you are enough and as you are meant to be. It strengthens Prana and compassion for self and others.

More about the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma: This mantra is known as a Bij or ‘seed’ mantra. Sa Ta Na Ma means, literally, ‘infinity,’ ‘life,’ ‘death,’ ‘rebirth.’ SSS MMM TTT NNN AAA are the five primal sounds of the Universe. Bij mantras contain the incredible transformative growth power of a seed that becomes a towering tree, or a plant to feed humanity.