Manifestation and Power

Manifestation and Power


GemRx: Manifestation, Vitality, Creativity, Grounding, Power.

Mantra: Har

Pietersite, Goldsheen obsidian, shungite, diamond, 23k gold, black diamonds, Tibetan horn charm.

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This mala empowers grounded, powerful manifestation. The resin horn from Tibet is a symbol of fertility and power. Balinese vermeil (23k gold on sterling) beads carry the warm yellow ray of vitality and prosperity. Black diamond pave beads with gold from India elevate the vibration of the gemstones.

Pietersite (multi-brown) from South Africa is an Earth and Fusion element stone. It supports manifestation by activating the solar plexus and third-eye chakras, linking power to inspiration. Gold Sheen Obsidian from Mexico is an Earth element stone which helps us use power for good.

Shungite (black) from Russia is a unique Earth element stone with powerful purification abilities. Similar to how charcoal can purify water, Shungite purifies the energy body. (It charges water too).

The mantra Har is a mantra of prosperity. ‘Har’ means Creative Infinity and is considered a ‘bij’ or ‘seed’ mantra-carrying all the power of the Infinite Creativity of the universe. Envision your goals before and after meditating on Har.

Sat Nam!