Natural Intuition

Natural Intuition


GemRx: for finding guidance everywhere you look

The energy of this piece supports an increased awareness in your day-to-day life. We meditate to practice awareness but when bombarded with modern life it is easy to switch over to autopilot. 


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Air juju Labradorite activates the third eye chakra, empowering intuition and calling attention to sychronicities that affirm our choices.

As a preservation of life of another time, fossils generally vibrate with earth juju and activate prana. Fossilized Alaskan coral also shimmers with chatoyancy like Labradorite, activating intuition. 

Aquamarine is a water juju stone that cools, soothes, and balances the throat chakra for easy communication.

This is 17" long and works as a necklace or double-wrapped bracelet on most bodies.