Earth water and air

Earth water and air


GemRx: to feel secure in letting go

Mantra: Wah Yantee

Rudraksha, aquamarine, green aventurine, labradorite

Rudraksha are the traditional mala beads of India. Rudraksha symbolizes the tears of Shiva, the Hindu deity of transformation. 


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Rudraksha are said to relieve stress. They carry earth juju for their stabilizing energy. Rudraksha are meant to symbolize the endlessly adaptable strengths of Shiva, his devotion to humanity, and his presence in all. 

Aquamarine is a water juju stone that is cooling and soothing. It balances the throat chakra and helps us release that which no longer serves us.

Green aventurine is also a water juju stone, with the vitalizing energy of spring.

Labradorite is an air juju stone that brings intuition to our consciousness.