Tibetan Quartz with gold and diamonds

Tibetan Quartz with gold and diamonds


GemRx: Supports taking your rightful seat at the head of the table to lead with love.

Tibetan Quartz is an empowering combination of EarthJuju and FusionJuju-it supports the ability to change levels of energy and awareness. For example, between the gross and subtle, or physical and spiritual.

Quartz icosahedrons connect the heart chakra to intuition with the fluidity of WaterJuju and the elevated awareness of FusionJuju.

Diamonds are the ultimate FusionJuju stone, protective, elevating, and programmable. The diamonds in this Jaipur bead magnify the energy of the whole piece-warmed by 24k hammered gold, vibrating with the FireJuju yellow ray that activates the solar plexus chakra.

The overall energy of this piece ignites intuition and motivation. Guided by your heart, you will be the empowered and compassionate leader we need.

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