Transformation chain

Transformation chain


GemRX: Manifestation and transformational power that's out of this world!

This gemstone energy necklace combines the powerful transformational energy of Moldavite and the pranic vibration of Fossilized Alaskan Coral.

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Moldavite is a Fusion element stone only found in the Czech Republic. Moldavite is a type of Tektite, which is glass formed from a meteorite’s impact on Earth. Moldavite has been found in artifacts over 25,000 years old. Moldavite’s energy is that of transformation: it was formed from an exploding space object! Moldavite supports spiritual elevation and physical evolution. Its natural green color energizes the heart.

Fossilized Alaskan Coral vibrates with the Earth element of a different era on Earth. It connects us to the energy of the cycle of life on the planet.