Water Juju

The Elemental Energy of Water is powerful, adaptable, deep. Soothing and cooling, lubricating and balancing, water is necessary for life. Water flows to fill spaces, connecting and smoothing—a unifying force matched only by its equally destructive/transformative capabilities like floods or erosion.     

water planets.jpg

Water Planets

Planets signify a universal channel of energy represented by traditional archetypes. Water planets correspond to fluidity and feeling.  

The MOON, our small but significant satellite, is so connected to us, it affects our bodies and souls. 

NEPTUNE appears watery from the Earth, and it represents a dissolution, if not a complete transcendence of our mundane reality. 

‘Planet’ or not, PLUTO is about transformation and the beyond.

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Water Signs

Astrological Signs are archetypes and an expression of elemental Water energy at the core. Water signs are deep and emotional. 

CANCER the crab is soft beneath its shell. Within its protective exterior lives the most nurturing sign of the zodiac.

SCORPIO the scorpion has a deadly sting and deep power of transformation.

PISCES the fish thrives in fluid, unbounded environs, soaking up the surroundings and feeding the imagination.


water chakras.jpg

Water Chakras

The concept of Chakras is vast. Consider them vortices of color that spin energy through the bodies—both physical and subtle (energetic, emotional, spiritual.)

Water element is feeling and fluidity.

VISHUDDHA the throat chakra is our center of communication and self-expression.

ANAHATA the heart chakra is the center of connection, love, and compassion for self and others.

SVADHISTHANA the sacral chakra is the center of creativity and sexuality.